Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Some thoughts on the upcoming Spanish airports privatization

The Spanish government has announced that it is planning to sell part of the Spanish airports operator, AENA. This is a move that had been on the table for quite a while (with particularly strong pressure coming from Catalonia, where the current centralized airport management structure is widely perceived as detrimental to the development of Catalan airports) but the Spanish government had always resisted this move.

Even today's announcement was not very rich in details, it is not clear to me how this sale is going to be made: looks like AENA keeps all the airports but might allow other companies to manage some of them, namely Barcelona and Madrid, but it is not clear how, what level of implication will the private sector have given that the government will keep a majority? is there going to be a public offering? How this move is going to affect the way Spanish airports do route development?

Many questions to which we are will try to give an answer in upcoming posts...!


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