Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Three airline blogs that stand out

Every social media manual will tell you that having a corporate blog is a must. Opening a blog is actually not that difficult (this blog is proof of this :-)) but doing it in a nice and engaging way is another story, particularly when we are talking about "corporate" blogs...this is why I would like to highlight a few examples I came across of airline blogs that, in my opinion, are really outstanding:

1) KLM
The Dutch carrier has been a pioneer in the use of social media tools and its corporate blog could not be less. KLM's blog has a nice personal touch, presenting stories from all corners of KLM's network, and their Facebook page is also a must for any aviation history enthusiast, capitalizing on the airline's long history as the Dutch flag carrier and a real commercial aviation pioneer (KLM was founded in 1919, which makes it the oldest airline in the World still operating!). You can find some great pictures that will help you imagine how the passenger experience was in those early days of aviation!

2) Air New Zealand
Air NZ has been delighting observers of airline marketing for quite some time, with simple product innovations that have, nevertheless, the potential to improve considerably the passenger experience, funny aircraft safety videos and cute furry mascots...and Air New Zealands blog is up to what you would expect of such as creative airline...The Flying Social Network does not look like one more corporate blog, it's got a clean design, interesting articles and nice visuals...I do not tend to follow corporate accounts, but I made an exception with this one!

3) Finnair
Well, this is a classical one, and the Quality Hunters initiative got already its space in this blog, so I will point you towards my post of 2010: "Finnair, rethinking quality"


Joshua Ahyong said...

KLM certainly always leads when it comes to Social Media. That's what I think I notice. Air New Zealand's blog looks really engaging to read.

Guru Of The Beautiful Game said...

I really like Emirates, probably the airline I fly most. Definitely with the best In-flight entertainment system 'ICE'. Have travelled the Business class twice myself, and gotta say it was great! The only other airline I would fly if not Emirates, is Qatar or Singapore Airways. Great service. So I am shocked to see that Emirates Qatar and/or Singapore Airways haven't focussed on blogs to enhance their image. I have been posting my experience on it's a novel site I found where we can write flight reviews and read reviews so we know which is the best airline :D but gotta say it seems to be very new, so not that many posts.

Abid Ali said...

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