Thursday, 5 January 2012

Interesting marketing approach for executive aviation

I know executive aviation is not my usual blogging topic, but when I come across something in the aviation industry that I find interesting from a marketing or business point of view I like to share it here...and this is what happened when I came across Blink, a small British executive jet operator with bases at London Blackbushe (BBS), Surrey, Geneva and the Channel Islands.

Something caught my eye in their website: the user interface looks incredibly similar to that you can find in a regular "mass-market" commercial airline and so is the feel you get when checking routes and prices...even the "last minute deals" section...executive aviation is not my field, so this might not be unusual, after all, and maybe there are some other operators providing a similar booking process and taking the same marketing approach.

I do not think I am flying with them anytime soon, but I found it interesting to see some marketing innovation in the aviation executive segment!


Pablo Roux said...

Taking initiative pays off...sure! Victor an initiative of Clive Jackson it's another example ( Fly smarter!

Allplane: all about aviation, airlines and air travel said...

Thanks Pablo! didn't know about this one. Wondering how many people do fly executive jets in Europe. Seems to be quite a crowded market too...

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