Saturday, 29 January 2011

Aena goes retro to present its new airport investments in Spain

I was at Madrid's Fitur a few days ago. This is one of the largest tourism trade shows in the World and, as you might imagine, airlines and other aviation-related operators had a strong presence. Aena, the Spanish airport operator had a huge stand where it showcased their current and projected investments at some Spanish airports, such as Santiago de Compostela (SCQ) and Alicante (ALC). The new and projected terminals at these airports where presented with a miniature scale model, but what amazed me the most is the aircraft models they chose to fill them up...a joy for aviation history enthusiasts!...I do not believe we are going to see Lufthansa's Boeing 727 and TWA's Lockheed Superconstellation at Spanish airports anytime soon, though!

Is good old Connie making a comeback? ask Aena!

A nice retro aircraft model, a Lufthansa Boeing 727


aomd88 said...

No conocia tu blog y me ha gustado mucho !
Esta maqueta estaba en SCQ y yo también me habia fijado, no le hice fotos porque como sabes ahora Aena está un poco histérica con el tema...

Thanks for passing by, yours is also a very interesting blog. This model was proudly displayed at SCQ airport and I had also noticed the bizarre old plane models "using" the top-notch new terminal. I did not take any photos, as yoy may know taking photos inside Spanish airports is something Aena does not really appreaciate, nowadays.

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