Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Volotea still flying under the radar...but for how long?

 Not exactly welcomed by everyone...

These past weeks have been quite hectic for Volotea, Europe’s startup airline...and I say "Europe's" because as we progressively get to know more about the project it becomes more and more clear that this is a project with European ambitions. Just a few months after Volotea was unveiled, its network already spans most of Italy, France and Spain, with some routes reaching as far as Poland and the Greek islands. Reminds me of Flybe, but on a much wider, pan-European, scale. 

Until now Volotea had been flying below the radar, IAG's chairman Antonio Vazquez even said to this blogger at a recent event in London that they are not concerned at all since there is currently little overlap, however if growth continues at this pace it might soon set the alarm bells off in some quarters...while we do not know for how long this tranquility will last,Transavia's CEO has already made it clear that they take Volotea very very seriously...


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