Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Allplane quoted at AirObserver blog: commenting the new scenario at Girona airport after Ryanair's massive route cancellation

In this blog I speak often about the constantly evolving situation at Barcelona and Girona airports. It is a very interesting case of interaction, in one single metropolitan market (Barcelona-Girona-Reus) of pure low cost players (Ryanair), airlines developing an hybrid model (Vueling), an airline trying to develop a hub-and-spoke operation (Spanair), a retreating flag-carrier (Iberia) and all of this while it is becoming an emerging destination for major global carriers (Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Delta Airlines).

This environment has not gone unnoticed to other European bloggers and AirObserver has just written a piece where it quotes me and presents my point of view about an hypothetic post-Ryanair Girona airport. This is a topic on which I am going to write a piece soon...In the meantime, great thanks to AirObserver for presenting my thoughts on the issue to its readers!


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